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Glove GT2 Protector Gloves


Glove GT2     Protector gloves

Black White Black White Blackred-front Blackred-back
White/Black Side Knuckle
Black Red Black Red Black Black
Red/Black Black
iphone adjust tab Reflex
Touch panel
Adjust tab Reflection of Reflex piping
Made of stretch material and punching leather for a good fit, mobility and operability.
Various protectors are attached.
Suitable for any season.
*Triangle Protector and Super Fabric

Color Material
  White/Black, Red/Black, Black
  M / L / XL / 2XL
  Goat Leather, Spandex (Strech polyester),
  Heavy Lycra (Strech Nylon), Chamude (Artificial suede)

Glove GT2

Glove Size