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How to remove the airbag system The outer jacket or vest only can be washed after the airbag system is removed.
(The airbag system should not be washed)
As the airbag system is simply fastened to the jacket by means of buttons, fasteners and/or Velcro, it can be removed easily by unfastening them.
The gas will not leak out of the unused gas cartridge, even if it is removed from the airbag system at the same time
(If/when the key ball comes out of the key box, a needle in the key box punctures the seal of the gas cartridge to inflate the airbag system)

*See User's Guide in detail.

D and A PDF

Exposed Neck cushion : Key Box B-type

B-type-out B-type-in

Packed Neck cushion(A-type) : Key Box B-type

A-type-out A-type-in

Exposed Neck cushion : Key Box Y-type

Y-type-out Y-type-in

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