hit-air Wearble Airbag
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List of replacement gas cartridge size

Kind of CO2

Size list
Models Size
jp 60cc
uk 60cc
gs 60cc
hs1 60cc
gp 60cc
moto 60cc
gs2 60cc
jp2 60cc
ffe 25cc
gp2 60cc
gs3 50cc
fr 30cc
hs3 50cc
jp3 60cc
hs5 50cc
Half-length coat
Models Size
eu 60cc
sc 60cc
autobahn 60cc
hs2 50cc
motorrad 60cc
eu2 60cc
autobahn2 60cc
os s50cc
eu3 60cc
motorrad2 60cc
eu5 60cc
eu6 60cc
Mesh Jacket
Model Size
mm 60cc
m3 60cc
mx 60cc
ms 60cc
ms2 60cc
mx2 60cc
ms3 60cc
mx3 50cc
ms5 60cc
mx5 60cc
mx6 60cc
mx7 50cc
motorrad2m 60cc
mx8 50cc
Model Size
vest-b 50cc
b2 50cc
d-bk 60cc
d-bg 50cc
mv 50cc
vest-c 60cc
mc 60cc
mv2 60cc
js 60cc
jv 60cc
km 30cc
mc2 50cc
ys 50cc
mv3 50cc
mc3 50cc
mv5 50cc
mv6 50cc
Harness type
Mode; Size
hp 100cc
hp-m 60cc
mlv 60cc
mlvr 60cc
mlvy 60cc
mlvc 60cc
mlvrc 60cc
mlvp 60cc
mlvyc 60cc
skv 50cc
vhr-sm 50cc
vhr-l 60cc
nw 30cc
rs1 60cc

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